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He said that efforts made by the Education Ministry and other related agencies have seen little success because no moves have been made other than campaigns and meetings.He went on to say that people should be aware that installing the condom dispenser is promoting sex, “this boat has already sailed” he said.The Ban Wang Daeng School has achieved the reduction by installing a machine that dispenses condoms at its facility.A lecturer at the university, Sompong Jitradap, said that he felt the machine would help to counter the problem of teenage pregnancies that are on the rise among Thai students.

Sompong has urged the Education Ministry to seriously address the problem of teenage pregnancy and promote children’s interest in Thai culture and religion.We continue to expand our team so there is room for all!Send me an email at info at lovesujeiry dot com or via the contact form below.Moss was visited by the Strength of a Woman singer at her North London home before the pair went and paid their respects at the George Michael Memorial.In 1999 the R&B Singer and the late George Michael had the hit song ‘As,’ a cover of the famous Stevie Wonder song.